if you are seeking more excitement, success, and adventure in your life. 

Finding Your Treasure will show you how to take command of your personal expedition and live your life to its fullest!

Identify your treasure, your principal pursuit and how to set a course for the adventure and treasures you seek with a proven 10-step plan and 5 daily exercises for success in any endeavour. Get your FREE copy now!

International Best Seller!

Setting The Stage Creating your life's treasure map

Planning Your Expedition Set sail to find you treasure

Unbelievable Stories Personal stories from a life exploring
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International Best Seller!

Setting The Stage
Creating your life's treasure map

Planning Your Expedition
Set sail to find you treasure

Unbelievable Stories 
Personal stories from a life exploring
"Finding Your Treasure deserves 6 stars! It is great reading for one who is interested in the pursuit of treasure of any kind. If one is interested in developing as a human being, then this book ranks right up here with that of the Zen masters. A rare combination of adventure story and self-help book, which entertains, inspires, and empowers"


Acupuncture Physician, Sarasota, Florida.
"Great book! I have known Marc and Krist Geriene for almost 20 years and am quite happy that they have finally shared some of their unique experiences in writing. Their story comes straight from the heart in a way that makes you feel as if you are part of it. Practical advice noted. Looking forward to their next book"


FRCP(C). Ontario, Canada.
"This book is a great read, filled with real-life stories that teach, entertain and remind us all that we are the ones who make our lives what they are despite what situations come our way. Viewing life as a treasure hunt provides a new perspective on life that can quickly initiate change in our thinking and perspective"


Winemaker Woodinville, Washington

What is your treasure?

A simple question, but one that's not easily answered. While people have certain goals in their lives, I have found that many have not identified a true treasure. What do I mean as "treasure"? Something that invokes passion and desire with clarity, a timeline and acceptable results. As an individual that explores the ocean floor in seek of treasure in the traditional sense, it's easy to say that treasure is my treasure. But throughout my life, treasure has not been a gold bar in a shipwreck. Real treasure is a clear pursuit to achieve the things that bring me unrivaled passion in seeking.

When there is no treasure to find, what does an explorer do?

Make no mistake about it, we are all explorers in our lives. Cutting through the uncultivated terrain that is each and every day. Nobody has ever lived today in your position before, NOBODY! As every single person's eyes open in the morning, they embark on the expedition of the day/week/month/year. Each day is working towards something, or maintaining the status quo.

Ever feel like an explorer without an expedition?

The monotony of modern life has a way of dulling the adventure in all of us. Sound familiar? It doesn't matter who you are or what your profession is, you are an explorer!  

As an explorer without an expedition, you may just need a map...

A treasure is out there for every person on this planet. Something that ignites a fire in you, something that trumps all else. It's time to define you treasure and find your treasure map. Today will never happen again, make it the start of an expedition of a lifetime!

introducing Finding Your Treasure Without Losing Yourself

Marc Geriene with his brother Krist have lived a life full of adventure, excitement, disappointment and high achievement. Through all the ups and downs, their passion and determination has allowed them to find a multitude of treasures in their lifetime. All of their expeditions have culminated in Finding Your Treasure, which will assist anyone in defining their treasure, mapping out their journey and setting sail on the adventure of a lifetime.

By using this new opportunity , you will be able to...

 Identify and clarify the treasure in your life

 Use step by step instructions to build your treasure map

 Absorb and utilize any and all obstacles along your expedition to your treasure

It's up to each of us to determine how our story will be written. Each day comes with a blank page and the opportunity to write something great. Let today be the beginning of something great!
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What are readers saying

Who is this book for?

I wrote this book for anyone seeking direction in their lives. In a world full of distractions and entertainment, it's easy to have each day roll into the next with little progress made. Become the explorer you were born to be!

This will be perfect for people who are:

 Feel like they are missing passion in their life

 Looking for a new adventure

 Transitioning or looking to make a transition in their life

NOBODY is ever going to live life the way you do. Think you life is boring, monotonous, unimpressive? Good, leave that in the past and make today the start of the greatest adventure...YOUR LIFE!
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Marc and Krist are inventors, entrepreneurs, treasure divers, and remotely operated vehicle (ROV) pilots with 40+ years’ project experience primarily in the marine industry. They have been active participants and managed shipwreck and treasure projects in Asia, the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, South America, and the United States. 

Marc and Krist have been business partners since 1989. As co-inventors of the Nova Ray ROV, the brothers share credit for acquiring ten US and international patents for ROVs. In 2008, Marc was responsible for generating a three-year, multimillion-dollar Nova Ray technology transfer and joint venture with PETRONAS, the national oil company of Malaysia. On this project, Krist managed the research and development of deep-water iterations of the Nova Ray, as well as the technology transfer protocol. He is experienced in ongoing development, manufacturing requirements, and specifications for new technologies.

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