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Throughout history, the mystery and excitement of shipwrecks and sunken treasures have captured our imagination and inspired dreams of grand adventure and discovery.

We have turned our dreams into reality, and adventure into a science that takes us deep below the ocean surface into a realm where few dare to venture. We travel the globe searching for lost and sunken ships and turn them into opportunities to resurrect history and solve mysteries from the past.

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FINDING YOUR TREASURE without losing yourself

“This is a quick and easy read! No matter where you are in your personal or professional life, this book is full of valuable insight.”

– Elizabeth Kennard

“Fantastic job and many kudos to the Geriene brothers, this is a must read packed full of priceless wisdom and real life documented stories.  I so look forward to your next adventure.”

– Tom Lingvall

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The Treasure Experience Partners

Coral Partners is a Marine & Technology Development Company and the maker of the worlds most revolutionary remote operated, underwater robotic vehicles anywhere in the world.

Our Nova Ray’s unique ROV features hydrodynamic features to more effectively use water flow rather than resistance to maintain operational control under changing operating modes. Under thruster power, the Nova Ray’s proprietary “Arcuate Wing” operates just as a high-winged aircraft would in free flight. Under “controlled” tow, the Nova Ray’s Patented, Arcuate Wing, combined with the shift in the center of rotation from the cable pull, produces a more stable configuration.

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